Request Steps

This page describe how to add issue progress for customers on the Portal.

The Requests Steps allows to track the progress of issues on the Customer Portal. It’s easy to understand at what stage the current issue is. Let’s take as an example online store order.

The customer exactly knows the stage of the request. It’s an easy way to simplify the issue’s workflow explanation.


For all of the following procedures, you must be logged in as a user with the Administer Project permission. Log in to your Jira instance.

  1. Choose the cog icon ⚙️ > Apps.

  2. Choose Projects > service project which you want to configure.

  3. Under Project Settings, select Request Steps.

  4. Click on the Request Type you want to configure

  5. Add as many steps as you need.

  6. Map statuses to steps you defined earlier. Optionally, you can provide a description for each step.

  7. Click Save.


Defined steps are now visible on the Customer Portal on selected Request Types.