Request View Enhancer

This page describe how to share more issue related information with customers.

The Request View Enhancer allows you to share more information with customers. When enabled, the below information will be presented to customers.

  • Assignee

  • Dates: Created, Updated, Resolved

  • Resolution

How to enable this feature?

🐾 Steps

  1. Choose Projects > service project which you want to configure.

  2. Under Project Settings, select Additional Request Info.

  3. Click the toggle

If you want to display your (or your service agents) profile photo on the Customer Portal, remember to set it as visible to anyone. Otherwise, the portal will show the initials of the name and surname instead of a photo.

Go to Atlassian Account > Profile and visibility. Next to the profile photo under the question Who can see your profile photo?, select Anyone. You can read more about account settings in the Atlassian Documentation.